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Bellever offers the option of a toned down, laid back style, however it also provides the opportunity to create a statement design with the inclusion of bright colours.

The high gloss finish reflects light superbly, ensuring your kitchen is always bright and welcoming.​

Alternatively the matt finish allows you to introduce colours with a slightly more subtle effect.


Bellever is an elegant door that has the ability to create eye-catching designs, purely with the use of careful colour considerations.

Bellever Door – Bellever is a smooth slab
door that works perfectly for modern
kitchen designs.

Coloured Rails – With the careful inclusion of coloured rails, a beautiful kitchen can effortlessly be created. Contrasting colours could be selected to make more of a statement or a complementary shade could alternatively work for a subtler effect.

Paint-to-Order Doors – You can create a custom kitchen using Bellever with its 27 Paint-to-Order colours. This allows you to create an ultra-modern, quirky design that pops.

Feature Boxes – Bellever offers feature boxes for decorative and storage purposes, these can be created by simply making an open unit from panels in a contrasting colour.

Colour Palette

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