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Ultra-modern and pleasantly quirky, Hale provides an offbeat alternative to the smooth, slab styles which prevail in true handleless kitchen design.

Hale offers a simple, modern design which is enhanced by the kitchens true handleless setting.
This beautiful design lends itself to expression beyond the clean lines and modernity that is usually associated with true handleless kitchens.


Hale is the perfect kitchen if you’re looking to put a contemporary spin on a classic home, or if you’d like to generate a bohemian feel.

Shaker Design – This true handleless kitchen features a shaker door, providing alternative modern design options.

Accessories – Both modern and traditional accessories are available so the Hale kitchen can be designed to suit both contemporary and classic homes.

Glazed Doors – Clear glazed doors are ideal if you’re looking to use select cabinets to display items.

Colour Options – Hale is available in a wide range of colours, providing the opportunity for personal expression.

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