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Paying homage to Art Deco design, the geometric styling of this door embraces clear lines and noticeable patterns in its stepped internal panel.

With a design that is so reminiscent of the architectural modernist movement, Tamworth encourages bold ventures. 

Embracing state-of-the-art technology by transforming the kitchen into a Smart Home is a subtle way of embracing this design style. By linking appliances to personal devices this ensures modern interconnectedness and keeps the kitchen innovative. Ensuring the interior of each cabinet is outfitted in the most efficient and dynamic internal storage also achieves a modern styling while Tamworth ensures a sophisticated outer is kept. 

The Finer Details

To create a more retro feel, materials such as rich wooden features or marble worktops can be included, alongside leafy plants and tessellated tile splashbacks. The clear style and detailing in design creates an ornate and quirky kitchen.


Double Pencil Round

The frame for Tamworth is simple and refined., with gently rounded edges to remove the appearance of harsh lines

Door Style:

Stepped inside edge

The moulding on the inner panel of this door features stepped, narrow moulding to provide a structured appearance.


Shell & Graphite

Pictured here in Shell & Graphite, Tamworth is available in the 28 shades of our colour palette, or alternatively can be colour matched to any hue you desire.

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Elegant Storage

We believe what’s inside is just as important as the exterior, which is why we’ve made sure all storage options are as beautiful as they are functional. As every household has varying needs there are multiple storage solutions available, so your kitchen is integrated flawlessly
into the entire family’s routine.

Xbox Wine Storage

Some spaces can appear a challenge to make complete use of. One option is filling this space with fitted X-box wine storage to ensure kitchen space is fully utilised.

Drinks Cabinet

Calculated, cultivated beauty constitutes each element in the Elegance range. With this in mind, every detail in an Elegance bar cabinet is carefully considered and measured, with the individual in control of each detail, creating utterly bespoke cabinets.

Full Height Oak Pantry

With numerous options available, Quantum pantry cabinets are completely personalised right down to the engravings on drawers. Countless options and configurations are available, from built in glass holders to integrated trays and chopping boards, ensuring your kitchen pantry is just that, yours.

Oak Crate Drawers

A beautiful opportunity to include real wood features, oak crate drawers are simple, contrasting additions to the design. These drawers provide a raw, natural effect as a replacement for standard drawers.

Coffee Pod Drawers

The bespoke nature of Quantum Elegance stretches as far as specially designed coffee pod drawers. With such an organised start to the day, this is sure to prepare you for a positive commencement of your morning. 

Oak Trays & Chopping Boards

A matching set, the chopping board and tray unit work as a unified pair, available in either oak or walnut. By insetting these into the cabinet, this further emphasises the ingrained practicality of the kitchen.

Elegant Storage