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Leigh is a contemporary and distinctive door style, which easily establishes the modern design of your kitchen interior.

Striking hues teamed with a sleek handleless design make Leigh a great centre piece for your living space.​
Want something out of the ordinary? Be brave with Leigh’s bold colour palette, made from 27 stunning colours from striking Cornflower to soft Dry Rose.


Striking in its simplicity, a Leigh kitchen brings you a modern, contained design which effervesces ease and a contemporary clarity.

J handle – Leigh doors have an indentation at the top of the door that curves down creating a J shape. The dip in the door provides substantial space for finger purchase, allowing you open and close the door with ease.

Curved Doors – The Leigh door is available curved, which allows for kitchens to have a continuous clean lined look with no interruptions or disturbances.

Purchase on Doors – With such a deep profile, there is plenty of space to get a firm grip on the door.

Square Corner Posts – The Leigh range has square corner posts available which enables designs to be created that have a sharper look, especially when a modern kitchen style is sought after.

Colour Palette

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