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Veryan is similar to Keele, both impressing with their velvet-smooth painted finish and simplistic shaker style. The key difference is Veryan’s ultra-slim frame, making it the most modern shaker kitchen in the Quantum Origin range.

Veryan is the definition of a minimalist shaker kitchen. Its detailing is subtle but no less beautiful than its traditional couterparts.


Whether kitchen, dining room, boot room or office, this range can do it all.

Multi-Panel Doors – Veryan’s appeal is accentuated further with multi-panel doors. To include this feature in your design, choose full-height larder doors or add them to your wall cabinets.

Minimalist Shaker – The ultra-slim frame, super shallow centre panel and smooth finish place Veryan at the very modern end of the shaker style spectrum.

Go Green – Heritage Green is a stunning, deep green hue that welcomes a variety of colour combinations. Pair with Walnut and Porcelain for an elegant appearance or Oak and Brass for more vintage feel.

Its All in the Detail – Veryan’s style is incredibly flexible. Plain panels or beaded panels? Corbals or no corbals? Your Quantum designer will guide you through the choices to ensure your kitchen is unique to you.

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