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Bellever is a door which offers many options and is incredibly versatile in its simple design. An immediately stylish kitchen can be created as it is effortlessly elegant in neutral colours and bold in exquisite vivid shades.

The high gloss finish reflects light superbly, ensuring your kitchen is always bright and welcoming.

Alternatively the matt finish allows you to introduce colours with a slightly more subtle effec


If you are looking for kitchen improvement ideas, Bellever may be the door for you. Adaptable with its slab design, this door can fit in any environment and easily be accessorised.

Curved Doors – To fit in with modern designs, the Bellever door is available curved, which creates a softer and more integrated appearance.

27 Paint-To-Order Colours – With 27 colours to choose from, you are sure to pick a colour that is congruent with your design.

Combining with woodgrain – The simplicity of a slab door enables the option of mixing and matching with other styles of door, such as the Linden or Manston. Matt doors often look flattering combined with woodgrain effects, creating a Scandinavian style kitchen design.

Handles – As Bellever offers a blank canvas, any style of handle can be chosen, from Straight Edge handles which are subtle and create a handleless effect to a more substantial style that creates a bolder impact.

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