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Croyde is a slab door with unlimited potential. Perfect for laid back designs where simplicity is key, this door does not disappoint.

Croyde is both beautiful and robust.

Croyde’s colour palette comprises of several versatile hues in both gloss and matt. This opens the door to opportunities of mixing colours and finishes.


For modern kitchen décor this style is perfect, with on-trend colour options available in matt doors and a sleek slab design. Croyde kitchens look effortlessly put together.

Ultra-Smooth Finish – Create contrast by pairing Croyde’s ultra-smooth finish with textured and patterned materials such as natural wood and marble.

Clever Use of Panels – The panels available in the Croyde range allow you to create a look that imitates an in-frame style.

Panels as Shelves – As the Croyde door is so simple, it allows for design features that meld into the overall look, such as using panels to make open shelving.

Living Furniture – Fuse your kitchen and living spaces together by adapting the furniture to suit each purpose.

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