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Keele is understated, yet creates a contemporary fitted kitchen with a smooth, painted finish modernising the shaker style design.

Keele is a handsome compromise between contemporary flat-fronted kitchen styles and the traditional 5 piece shaker door style.​

Its centre panel is in the shaker kitchen style however its completely smooth finish give this kitchen a stylish and contemporary update. Each door and drawer front has been expertly painted with a flawless matt finish.


This door gives off a slight hint of modern slab and traditional shaker morphing together, which solidifies Keele’s versatility to fit in any environment.

Glazed Units – Keele offers plain frame doors with clear glass, replacing the usual recessed centre panel. This creates an area to display crockery or keep your kitchen organised with extra visibility.

Pastry Bench – By adding a pastry bench to your kitchen this creates additional work space and room to elegantly display and store your belongings, whether they be functional or ornamental.

Plate Rack – Need some kitchen storage inspiration? An exposed plate rack is a classic option. This keeps crockery easily at hand whilst creating a unique look and adding to the décor.

Dresser – For a more traditional, English kitchen design, a dresser can be incorporated. This provides extensive storage space while creating an eye-catching addition to the kitchen

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