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Influenced by Georgian design, Shaldon is elegant and simple with its slim frame. With narrow stiles becoming increasingly popular in kitchen designs, Shaldon is the perfect choice for both contemporary and traditional settings.

Shaldon offers versatility with its simple design and the option to choose this kitchen style in any colour you wish.

Decorative accessories are available to use alongside Shaldon, ensuring flexibility so both classic kitchens and contemporary kitchen designs can be created


Shaldon offers strong lines and simplicity with the shaker design. The slim lines and minimal accessories ensure every kitchen created using this style is elegant and refined.

Integrated Oak Accessories – Built-in accessories including oak chopping boards, trays and plate racks are available to use alongside the Shaldon door. Integrated items such as these are perfect for freeing up space, in addition to adding a decorative touch to any design.

Real Wood Kitchen – Shaldon is a real wood kitchen which shows off a natural grain. This offers an organic touch to any environment.

Glazed Doors – Clear glass doors are available in Shaldon. These are perfect for creating dressers and displaying the contents of cabinets.

Canopies and Overmantles – Canopies and overmantles are available to hide extractors and provide embellishment for a more ornate design

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